British Taekwondo Association


This page is about the history of the British Taekwondo and also a list of British Taekwondo Committee members.


The British Tae-Kwon-Do Association was jointly started by Grand Master Tony Quigley and Grand Master Fred Lee, both Ninth Degree Black belts.

Grandmaster Tony Quigley started the study of Tae-Kwon-Do in 1964 whilst serving in the R.A.F. whilst stationed in Korea. After dedicated training Grandmaster Tony returned back to Britain as the very first person to do so with a Tae-Kwon-Do Black belt, he started teaching in 1967 in clubs around the Doncaster area.

Under Grandmaster Tony’s guidance the British Tae-Kwon-Do Association went from strength to strength. The British Tae-Kwon-Do Association has produced many superb Black belts, with many achieving the Master level and a few achieving the rare level of Grand Master. 

Indeed many of the top Masters and Grand Masters that head many of the other Tae-Kwon-Do associations and groups within the U.K can trace their roots directly back to Grand Master Tony Quigley.

Grand Master Tony Quigley has dedicated over 50 years to the pursuit of excellence within Taekwondo in the United Kingdom and still presides over all British Tae-Kwon-Do Association Black belt grading's along with Grand Master Roy Kilner (president),  Grand Master Mark J.R. Trent (vice president) and other invited high ranking Masters.

Committee Members and Roles with the BTA

Name Position
GM Roy Kilner President
GM Mark Trent Vice President
GM Wayne Darlington Chairman
GM Roland Alderton Vice Chairman / Chief Referee
Sabumnim Andy McMahon Secretary
Master Stuart Usher Health and Safety Administrator / Chief Instructor
Master Ian Foster Parent Liaison Officer
Master Hannah Povah First Aid Technical Advisor
Sabumnim Claire Walton Public Relations Officer
Sabumnim Andy McMahon Events Coordinator
Master Gail Williams Social Events Organiser
Sabumnim Shannon Garrett Foster Disability Welfare Officer
Master Terry Walton Students Representative & Liaison Officer
Mrs Heather Bird Parent Representative
Mrs Heather Mitchell Annual Training camp director
Mr Steve Sumpton Legal Advisor (TBC)
Master Dave Birch National Team Manager & Selector
Master Penny Butterworth National Team Assistant Manager
Master David Fell National Team Selection Panel
Hall of Fame Selection Committee  
GM Daren Kilner Chairman of the Panel
Sabumnim Simon Daine  
Master John Darlington  
Sabumnim Louise Usher  
Master Andy Lewis  
Sabumnim Rob Bird  
Other Committee Members  
Master Bryan Woodhouse  
Sabumnim Mel Walmsley  
Mrs Laura Harrison  
Master Tracy Ainsworth  
Sabumnim Colin Ainsworth